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For over forty years, Virginia has been consulting with families, businesses and organizations on interpersonal relationships, effectiveness training and personal excellence. Born half Cherokee and half Irish, she has retained the practice of her mother's Cherokee tradition as passed down from her grandmother. Designated by tradition a mystic at birth, her grandmother passed the ancestral wisdom on to her. Simultaneously raised according to her father's Irish culture, she studied the major religions, attended public school to learn Western cultural and business practices.
Matrimatics, the study of Quantum Ethics, is her body of work, which reveals seven underlying principles that cross all cultural barriers, showing people of all religions, creeds and beliefs how to honor one another. 

Bringing together Native American and Western birthing traditions, she has developed a Matrimatics Birthing System that delineates the uniqueness of each linear pregnancy and educates health practitioners as well as parents on specific prenatal and postpartum health care for mother and baby. 

As a mother of five, her interest in education led her to develop a parent/child interactive educational training called "Passing the Baton." She has coached parents and educators from England, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines as well as the United States.

Virginia's book "Mother Nature's Handbook" is used as a textbook in several colleges and universities for environmental and ethical studies. As a published author, she has been interviewed on radio around the country as well as repeatedly in New York City, and has toured the country speaking to colleges and universities such as Columbia University, University of New Mexico and the University of Texas, to name a few. She has twice spoken to committees at the United Nations, in addition to three Whole Life Expos in New York City and Denver.

Founder, Virginia Sandlin

While living in the Philippine Islands during the Viet Nam conflict in the late 60s, Virginia acted as an American goodwill liaison to the Philippine government, travelling around the Philippines to speak to dignitaries and local citizens in cities, barrios and villages as well. She worked with the Red Cross assisting American soldiers stopped over in the Clark Air Force Base Hospital to make personal and family adjustments before returning home from Viet Nam. Virginia also worked with the Leper Colony and the Negrito tribe to improve health conditions without interfering with their traditional way of life. Since then, she has spoken to numerous governmental agencies such as U.S. Forestry Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Welfare Department and others.

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