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"Down to earth and real... that's how Virginia Sandlin shares her wisdom for self improvement. Although she is truly brilliant and leaves one awestruck, I always am empowered and returned to myself."
R.G., Milwaukee, WS

"I never realized that anything could make such an impact in my relationship! We've always gotten along, but the Basic Relationship Compatibility training by Viriginia Sandlin has opened up possibilities I never dreamed of."
V. Holtzworth, Dallas, Texas

"Our busy lifestyle was starting to fragment our family unity. It seemed as though we were all going our separate ways. The Family Life Education Parenting CDs showed us how to set up a structure that allowed each family member time for personal growth and freedom without sacrificing closeness and a real sense of partnership."
Kossman Family, Los Angeles, CA

"As a psychologist and parent, I must tell you that I have never encountered such a training as Passing The Baton. It is a true breakthrough in family dynamics!"
M.Copson, Edgewood, New Jersey

"Once I found the emotional root, my pain stopped and my body healed very quickly. I wish everyone could experience The Sandlin Technique.!"
V.V., Dallas, Texas

"I never thought of myself as a world citizen until I met Virginia Sandlin. She gave me the tools to see how my daily life activities could make the difference in the world that I thought I'd like to make if I ever got the resources or the time."
JM, Westwood, NJ

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Buying your cds is the best decision I ever made. Everyone should take advantage of this gift."
G. Jackson, Los Angeles,CA

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